jeudi 24 mai 2018

OUT on the 13th of July!

VOCIFERIAN • Obey Profanatory Forces / CD Digipack
[1998 - 2018] "The Lord Genocide Farewell Ultimate Collection"

Limited to 100 copies / Handnumbered with the noble BLOOD of a long time faithful FAN [by his own will]

A 18 tracks compilation, gathering most of the "OPF hydra" entities : Conjüratör, Vociferian, Lüger, Goatholocaust, Crux Dissimulata, Aliénante Damnation, Ebauche Noire

All songs careful selection, production & publishing by a veteran OPF • Circle member based in Hungary. And in conspiracy with the original Voicea Succubus Records coordination

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