vendredi 2 février 2018

Some weren't even born or were too young aged to witness my beginnings as a protagonist into this scene. And even have not lived or experienced the epopee of the 90's underground itself, for the same simple reasons

Those same people who think they have any legitimacy to tell you how they envision or conceive it by "their shallow mp3, streaming, Youtube-olic culture". And will even go further into self sufficiency by their self-masturbating bullsh*t. Just telling you how it should be, how you should do, what is "so cool" and what "doesn't make it" at the moment

Since when trend is part of the game into the black metal movement?! I guess its spirit died then! Just engulfed into the torrential muddy flow of over-exposed cheap releases, over-promoted with huge label stickers "unmissable product of the year" (that strangely no one got any interest into and never bought until now) like poor unsold merchandise in a so pathetic supermarket...

This is well how it goes nowadays...

F**k off to this "sell out selfish generation", and to us all for accepting that!

• O [F**king] P F •

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