lundi 26 février 2018

MACABRA / RUIN • "Die & Retry" Split

Very proud to annnounce here that we are preparing for a split material together with the killer RUIN's. I had this in mind for a few months as we have 2 new songs about to be ready with Mark. These ones are a bit different because more rough as I'm behind the rhythm guitar this time.

I proposed the split to be entitled "Die & Retry" those knowing well about this term will easily understand my reasons.

Also Mike Abominator Nelson and I wanted to make something special for this split. As we'd like to sincerely dedicate this release to our beloved and lost friend Bob Kassing, someone that we will never forget. And that will be our humble way to greet him wherever his soul may rest and roam...

Here are the 2 songs texts which I wrote for them and that I've just been able to record the vocals tracks on the instrumental versions today...


That is the beginning
The tying link
That is the thing
That will make you bleed

Surely prefer you alive
For so cruel is that being
Twisting the sky of your deepest wishes
Turning into nightmare your everyday breath

Deathly stalker
That leads to convince
That only suicide will set you free
Crawling, bullying, leaving no rest
Pity! It's fairy tales! That never exists!

And if you'd have ever survived
That will message your close ones and friends
Spreading the libel until they all turn against...

(Maniacal laughs)

That is always productive
When the rhyme deals with kill (bis)



Zombie-dolls first ladies
Complacency vitrines embodied
Embassadresses of surfacing reality
Dressed to benumb! Enslave the masses!

Era of a desoriented selflessness
It's a too well learned helplessness!
Icons, models of flesh
Bodies dictatorship

Enemies of liberty
Pleading for conformity
Sly sexsploitation entertainment
Teasing curves of stripped paranoia

Tongues secrating enticing venom
Licking your bones and soul
Sexcialization mastery, facilitated control
Medusa hair, swhirling snakes of strangulation

Voodoo speakerine
Death's shadows of the media queens
Princesses who daunt veracity
Your greedy speech irradiates casualities... irradiates casualties...

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