lundi 26 février 2018

MACABRA / RUIN • "Die & Retry" Split

Very proud to annnounce here that we are preparing for a split material together with the killer RUIN's. I had this in mind for a few months as we have 2 new songs about to be ready with Mark. These ones are a bit different because more rough as I'm behind the rhythm guitar this time.

I proposed the split to be entitled "Die & Retry" those knowing well about this term will easily understand my reasons.

Also Mike Abominator Nelson and I wanted to make something special for this split. As we'd like to sincerely dedicate this release to our beloved and lost friend Bob Kassing, someone that we will never forget. And that will be our humble way to greet him wherever his soul may rest and roam...

Here are the 2 songs texts which I wrote for them and that I've just been able to record the vocals tracks on the instrumental versions today...


That is the beginning
The tying link
That is the thing
That will make you bleed

Surely prefer you alive
For so cruel is that being
Twisting the sky of your deepest wishes
Turning into nightmare your everyday breath

Deathly stalker
That leads to convince
That only suicide will set you free
Crawling, bullying, leaving no rest
Pity! It's fairy tales! That never exists!

And if you'd have ever survived
That will message your close ones and friends
Spreading the libel until they all turn against...

(Maniacal laughs)

That is always productive
When the rhyme deals with kill (bis)



Zombie-dolls first ladies
Complacency vitrines embodied
Embassadresses of surfacing reality
Dressed to benumb! Enslave the masses!

Era of a desoriented selflessness
It's a too well learned helplessness!
Icons, models of flesh
Bodies dictatorship

Enemies of liberty
Pleading for conformity
Sly sexsploitation entertainment
Teasing curves of stripped paranoia

Tongues secrating enticing venom
Licking your bones and soul
Sexcialization mastery, facilitated control
Medusa hair, swhirling snakes of strangulation

Voodoo speakerine
Death's shadows of the media queens
Princesses who daunt veracity
Your greedy speech irradiates casualities... irradiates casualties...

samedi 24 février 2018

VOCIFERIAN • Iscariot Gospel • Vinyl Double LP Reissue!!

THE WHOLE COLLECTION Finally on Classic Vinyl Edition! [With overall Illustrations & Cover Artworks by Mighty Chris Moyen]
19 infernal titles for an hour of TOTAL DEATH!!

As 2018 is ringing the final chapter after two fullfilled unholy decades for VOCIFERIAN. Von Frost Records and I have decided to conjure two exceptional vinyl reissues in the occasion of the band's 20th anniversary and farewell...

I. VOCIFERIAN " Triumphant Usurper Beast " original full length on an outsanding vinyl LP reissue [To be out THIS EARLY MARCH]/Including Poster + Half Nuclear Green/Half Toxic Orange Black Splattered Limited Vinyl Color.

II. VOCIFERIAN " Iscariot Gospel " Collection of all the band's bestialest Splits & EP's from 1998 to 2014, on a killer "NECRO IS THE LAW" Classic Black Double LP [Later this year...]

VOCIFERIAN will get its final sacrifices on the altar of Von F***ing Frost Records once AGAIN!! For its wandering soul can remain DEATHLESS!


vendredi 2 février 2018

L'ultime interview de VOCIFERIAN accordée à METALLIAN magazine dans le numéro de décembre dernier. Pour votre bonne lecture...
J'ajouterais simplement que VOCIFERIAN restera bel et bien un "one man band" avec tout ce que cela implique. Comme il aura conservé cette forte conviction de ne jamais jouer live (et j'en profite ici pour remercier tout ceux qui ont tout de même tenté de me proposer cette possibilité scénique, même si cela n'a jamais été mon désir profond). Je n'ai jamais compris cette "mode" des "one man bands" qui ont tous fini par prendre des membres de sessions pour jouer leurs titres en concert. C'est dans mon optique de cette musique, faite par un seul et même esprit autarcique... un non sens absolu
Et je garde cette intime croyance, non pas par quelques allégeances ni besoin d'imitation de mes pairs. Mais tout simplement parce que c'est bien dans l'introspection d'une écoute solitaire, ce voyage intérieur, cette expérience unique propre à chacun, que se dégage tout à fait l'aura et le substrat noir de cet art authentique et ensorcelé
Tel l'écho d'un fouet qui claque sur l'âme. Nous ramenant à un moment précis, un endroit, une action, un sentiment, une émotion.... même un parfum... d'une manière jouissivement indéfectible et parfaitement impérissable
Pour simple exemple : Un titre comme "En Vind Av Sorg" de DT représente pour moi ce type de voyage entre le présent et les différents points d'attache qu'il a pu créer chez moi dans cette vie
Aussi, sur une toute autre note, le groupe que je monte actuellement a également changé de direction ainsi que de nom depuis cette interview. Car l'instinct prime dans toutes mes créations et le cycle de destruction/ reconstruction y a toujours joué un rôle très important. Son élaboration se concevra d'ailleurs loin des réseaux sociaux

Des éditions vinyles & cassettes sont par ailleurs en cours de préparation/production...
Si VOCIFERIAN fait bien ici ses adieux, son âme, elle, restera tout à fait DIGNE et IMMORTELLE!! N'en déplaise à ses détracteurs!

Some weren't even born or were too young aged to witness my beginnings as a protagonist into this scene. And even have not lived or experienced the epopee of the 90's underground itself, for the same simple reasons

Those same people who think they have any legitimacy to tell you how they envision or conceive it by "their shallow mp3, streaming, Youtube-olic culture". And will even go further into self sufficiency by their self-masturbating bullsh*t. Just telling you how it should be, how you should do, what is "so cool" and what "doesn't make it" at the moment

Since when trend is part of the game into the black metal movement?! I guess its spirit died then! Just engulfed into the torrential muddy flow of over-exposed cheap releases, over-promoted with huge label stickers "unmissable product of the year" (that strangely no one got any interest into and never bought until now) like poor unsold merchandise in a so pathetic supermarket...

This is well how it goes nowadays...

F**k off to this "sell out selfish generation", and to us all for accepting that!

• O [F**king] P F •