lundi 16 octobre 2017

I was positively surprised lately. For I've been approached by none but guys of BESTIAL WARLUST themselves, very recently! As ANDREA & JOE SKULLFUCKER got in touch, just showing their interest for my now quite long established work through VOCIFERIAN. I can't even say how rewarding it is for me, just knowing that such important pioneers of a whole genre seem to get great interest for my bands, just following my activities.
In terms of recognition by such infernal aussie underground founders and peers, I guess it simply cannot be more amazing as rewarding for the humble one man band that made its path slowly but surely within the underground for nearly 20 years, now. So, THANK YOU so much for your truly honoring initial contact Andrea and Joe, as well as for your so enthusiastic consideration. It means so damn much!! My deepest gratitude and respect go to you both. Nothing can be more sincere than this!

PS: Also, I would like to thank here my "STEELBROTHER" : Salvatore Agrillo (one of the best belgian Vociferian OPF-mongers, long time fan and friend), for his numerous ramifications within the hellish aussie devastating scene, that he is actually whorshipping for eternity despite of any possible fashion for the true person he is. Thanks for the help on verifying sources MiSSter!

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