mardi 15 août 2017

 (In hands today and yet sold out from me)
Also, if you're too afraid about music to contain any controversy. You'd probably better ask yourself twice why the hell listening to something labelled "Black Metal"?!! So to any of you who could get THAT offended by the band imagery. Then just pass on... and please sell or even burn all your SLAYER's records collection though... PU**IES!!

Get your copy at VON FROST RECORDS >>HERE<<

The art work is incredible, the music is real fuck off Black Metal. trendy posers that are offended well you know how it goes.... The 'band' received their copies today and sold out today. Wimps in Europe won't carry this because the art work may offend people....(Nero one -usa- & von frost records -Canada- have these in stock.

IS BLACK METAL NOT SUPPOSED TO OFFEND?! Just like early punk used to offend but the PC fucks ruined that and made punk boring. The metal scene is becoming so that even your grandma will dig it. Fuck off to any form of censorship.

Huge F**k Off to convention and correctness!