mercredi 7 juin 2017

L o r d  G E N O C I D E  forever under
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A few years ago now, I met John, this incredibly passionated music lover and absolute extreme admirer. We just have taught a bit and slowly learned to know about each other. Then he mentioned about his long time dream to create a pure underground record label and open his own record store. From there a sincere alliance took place and Von Frost Records as Forged In Vinyl (Record Shop) were born. Signing all of my scheduled reissues and new material on his then newcomer dedicated music label. With time, work and perseverance here we are now, making the VFR beast growing stronger, day by day, battle after battle. And I must say that I'm so proud of the path we have followed together until now and that we will continue... THE WAR HAS ONLY BEGUN!! O P F  
GOATHOLOCAUST - Satan Jugend - Vinyl LP - Test Press

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