samedi 13 août 2016

V O C I F E R I A N  -  ɔ  d  ɔ  ʀ  a  -
C a s s e t t e  E d i t i o n  coming...

Very proud to introduce you here to the original art/design that will be appearing on the tape version of Vociferian's 2016 new album. To be released out of the schedule and catalog from Von Frost Records as an extra/spontaneous unique format. As the album was initially planned to be released on vinyl only.

Also, an official t-shirt edition will be out soon, with this same design on the front, and the artwork just below for the back design of this brand new VOCIFERIAN  merchandising.
Recently took the decision to focus on absolute musical prerogatives. And just stop dispersing through too many projects. Therefore preserving the essence of initial entities, just keeping them solid. And this, of course, with VOCIFERIAN prevailing before all.

• OPF •

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