dimanche 24 juillet 2016

- T H E  C O M M U N I C A N T S -

Time to introduce you all to what I already consider as a priority in my "musical life". I'm feeling the will to let heard about this important act as this sunny sunday seems to fit the spirit of it quite well . In fact, I'm slowly but surely preparing for a very personal endeavor leaning towards rock and indie rock affiliations for a while now. And it will definitely take time, works, means and efforts before something 100% satisfying regarding the universe of the band is ready to come out, as perfect as I'm wishing it to be. A bit of pressure of course, but the pleasure in conceiving this new head on my hydra next to all my already established musical activities, is just getting me that excited and damn positive about!

Talking about the art side of the combo, by Jenglot Hitam:

Also, and I'd really like to leave a mark about it here, I'd like to thank deeply and sincerely the artist that has already worked in a very short time this absolutely mind-blowing piece of art. That just left me out of breath when seeing it for the first time. I was truly positively overwhelmed as astonished and amazed just taking a look at how he greatly turned my crazy ideas into reality!

As aesthetic, as classy, as skillful and full of talent artwork, that is actually giving the real birth to this band!
This "HARMONISKULL" concept which I gave him only a few days ago, as well as direction for the logo... and he just took the challenge so personally as an incredible and artist he is, doing it all so professionnally with high details and precise sharpened perspective.

I'm THAT grateful for the INSANE job! And from now we both decided that he will be doing all art for "THE COMMUNICANTS"!

On a side note, I generally don't like to give kind of possible band listing to give ideas about influences of the group. As it's often too short or too long, and is not something that brings up the personality and own identity of the band itself. But here I'll make an effort in writing down a few bands names which are coming to mind, when thinking about what THE COMMUNICANTS will be able to be associated to:

Alice In Chains, Danzig, Mother Love Bone, Kyuss, Led Zepplin, Nebula, The Sword, Alabama Thunderpussy, Kiss, Fu Manchu, The Atomic Bitchwax, Aerosmith...

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