lundi 23 mai 2016

- 1999 / 2004 -

I'm very proud to let you know here that we recently recovered and kind of resurrected a long time lost material from my former hardcore band:"ICECORE"!
With help of a friend and ex-member of the band we brought some little edits to the initial master of it. And a deal has been found with VON FROST RECORDS to finally get this unreleased tracks published on a beautiful vinyl edition!

Expect 90's HC music there ONLY!! [Also here you can get a look at the logo that has been conceived for the band in this unique occasion]

When I was 16 we formed our HC band together with my cousin, Rémi, on drums. Later we've included a friend on the second guitar: Alexis. Then we found this cool guy, 10 years older than were called Wilfried, to play bass guitar for us.

That's actually how our first hardcore band started and this was under the name of "GAUNT".

We also made memorable shows with nice french bands of this scene, like INSIDE CONFLICT or TRAPPED IN LIFE.

In 2003 we turned the band name into "ICECORE", dealing with some lineup changes and musical little redirection. We made a few dates too then recorded a 5 tracks material...

Then the combo came to an end quite naturally without real decision to stop it or to split. As I pretty busy myself focusing on my main activities with VOCIFERIAN and so on... and as Rémi went for studies to Paris and played as a drummer for the hardcore bands ONESTA... and later for another one called FIERCE.

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