dimanche 21 février 2016

VOCIFERIAN "ɔ d ɔ ʀ a "
Official Woven Patches

+ Metallic Pins

that will come with the limited first 100 copies of the Brand New Album/Deluxe Gatefold Lp Edition
Von Frost Records [Canada]

VOCIFERIAN Brand New Album: "ɔ d ɔ ʀ a"

NOW available for listening via - Youtube -
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OUT in March/April on Von Frost Records!

jeudi 11 février 2016



EXCLUSIVE Interview for METALLIAN coming through the french renown extreme metal Magazine next issue!

For this reason, NO other interview will be allowed for the VOCIFERIAN New Album [Spring] Release.

I personally accepted METALLIAN Magazine to introduce the "ɔ d ɔ ʀ a " full length because of their long time interest about my musical activities. As for the respect I have for this really dedicated metal provider, that in time has participated to my own culture and genre flourishment as a younger subgenre adept!

Remembering they were the first french magazine proposing a free CD sampler with so much great names to discover in! And at a so cheap price for this mid 90's period (15FFR)!!

samedi 6 février 2016

Time to unleash "I. Eau D'Aura [Psychégérie]"
- ɔ d ɔ ʀ a - VOCIFERIAN Full Length Album
Available & listenable via Bandcamp

lundi 1 février 2016


... To The Bone / Album Cover
Painting by Dan Seagrave

MACABRA are proud to reveal the artwork for their second full-length recording ‘…to the Bone’ via Vonfrost Records and Morbid Visions Music this spring/summer. The elaborate cover artwork is delivered by Dan Seagrave who is well known in the death metal community for painting covers of classic albums by bands like Morbid Angel, Entombed, Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, Séance, Edge of Sanity and many others. MACABRA, which is a collaborative between Belgian, Adrien “Liquifier” Weber best known for his work in Vociferian, Goatholocaust, Luger, etc., and renown American underground death metal illustrator Mark Riddick also known for his work in Fetid Zombie, Grave Wax, etc. MACABRA sets out to play death metal inspired by the late 80s-early 90s era and regularly reference their own personal collection of demo tapes for inspiration.

Revealed Extract from MACABRA " ... To The Bone" Coming Full Length Album [CD/LP]:

MACABRA have established themselves as a rare force in the resurgence of new “old school” death metal by offering something familiar while covering new ground simultaneously. Riddick, called on Dan Seagrave to create the album’s cover because it seemed the next appropriate step in MACABRA’s evolution as a band. With minimal instruction, mainly to stay true to the band’s green color scheme, which is seen on most all of their productions, Seagrave conjures an intricate scene featuring ghostly mummified bodies, corpses awakening from their tombs, and decrepit structures entwined by knotted roots. The overall sensation compliments the music flawlessly in its bleak, oppressive, and atmospheric approach.