jeudi 28 janvier 2016

New ALBUM Advanced Track:
" Ode Aux Rats [Pesée Des Crotales] "

VOCIFERIAN - Advanced Track: "Ode Aux Rats [Pesée Des Crotales]" Available to listen via Bandcamp & download FREE during 5 DAYS!!

Extract from the coming album: - ɔ d ɔ ʀ a - Out in Deluxe Gatefold Lp Edition On Von Frost Records [Canada] ...March/April

This song be like the SPIT OF MY EMOTIONS to the INSINCERE WORLD of NEGLECT that we're all contributing to...

Everything has been captured in one take ONLY

My own definition of INTENSITY & TRUTH

Also, the choice of clean singing has been something natural and I just felt it was as crucial as essential to escape from nowadays black metal pale and so linear universe...

My quest to catch the essence of things and the inner meaning of our senses. This endless path leading to PURITY is more important to me than to please anyone here! Or to respect any restrictive stupid codes.

That is well here my intention to break through established confining useless conventional rules. The inner meaning again of these 3 f***ing letters: O P F




mardi 26 janvier 2016

In a few days will be unleashed a half of the VOCIFERIAN brand new Concept Album via Bandcamp. This considerable track will also be available as a FREE download during 5 days.

jeudi 7 janvier 2016

MACABRA "Necroverdose"
Pro-tape Edition

Including all the past materials of the REAL Death Metal Act which I am involved into with Mark Riddick,
+ The Exclusive Bonus Track : 'Ellipsis Of Self'
+ Limited Art Cards / Band Logo Badges & Awesome translucent GREEN sparkling effect tape shell!
Very limited items!!

OUT on Morbid Visions Music!
[Official band merchandising also available]


- NECROVERDOSE - from MACABRA will also be available on a beautiful 2xLPs Vinyl Edition later this year on Apocalyptic Empire Records [Norway]