vendredi 18 décembre 2015

E  B  A  U  C  H  E   N  O  I  R  E
- Official Logo - By Rubens Snitram

I'd especially like to thank this brazilian artist for his so involved work, talent and skills in contribution to this absolutely magnificent logo created for EN.
As I actually have this in mind for months now. Because this band, is next to VOCIFERIAN the most introspective reminiscence of my emotions, which I am ever possible to deliver. And this little story shall continue...
As this perfect effigy is just immortalizing by this simple, sober and beautiful logotype illustration, all the essence of this musical dream come true...

jeudi 17 décembre 2015

UNVEILING of the Cover/Artwork for
-   ɔ   d   ɔ   ʀ   a   -
Coming Album on Gatefold LP

Out in early 2016 on VON FROST RECORDS [Canada]

A half of the entire material will be listenable and also freely available for download [during 5 days only] on February 2016 via the Official Vociferian Bandcamp:

- All the gatefold jacket being illustrated by visuals emanating from my own hands [Adrien GENOCIDE// Weber]

- Gatefold LP "Mock up" design courtesy by Mr Justin Stubbs who also worked the entire layout display of this very particular opus… That will be shiny/silver foil stamp printed all over upon pure black.

mardi 1 décembre 2015

CONJÜRATÖR - Erosplattered -
Deluxe Vinyl Edition OUT NOW!!

10' Gatefold MLP on Von Frost Records [CA]

ORDER: RK Edition / comes with Metallic Band Logo Belt Buckle!

K Edition / Black Splattered Gold Vinyl Colour + Poster & Goodies:
Regular Version / Outstanding Gold Foil Stamped Print on magnificent Gatefold 10' MLP Vinyl Jacket / Classic Black Disc Colour:

Pirates Press : RECORD OF THE WEEK!!