samedi 22 août 2015

COMING ALBUM :  « ɔ d ɔ ʀ a »

[Unveiling of the title & concept]

In a pseudo-disinfected society which objectives are closer to the neuronal asphyxiation, the omnipresent higher bid of requests and the "porn-consumerism" than any disinterested purpose and authentic inspiration. Where even the words "sharing" and "like/love" saw each other tarnished and corrupted, setting up themselves in the high rank of the quantifiable… rather than in the one of the true and the quality.

This virtual domain, paved by reflecting screens riddled with dribbling fingerprints and with sticky sweat, in claimed service of our lost identities. Where we are building by ourselves and free will the walls of our prison cells. Where each one gets "auto-indexed", just feeding this fortress of an unknown person global nature.

However, this reign omits particularly the sense nevertheless relevant of the olfaction … And even if the future of the synthesis productions will corrupt it more with certainty in a near or far future. This one remains indubitable and relentless … down to the wire.

The sense of smell (in french: “odorat”) is just like a snake interlaced and suspended in the lianas of the soul. Sometimes amazed by the seepage of an incomparable perfume. Was it even the one of the rancid perspiration of a beloved being. either the perfect stench which hides a bad fragrance and its dreadful ecstasy. Where the hatred and the sickness will always find source and shelter. By the current abundance of the excited narcissisms, and their proud consciousnesses subjected to the "status" of "manipulated".

Adrien WEBER [aka Lord GENOCIDE]

OPUS/Title : ɔ d ɔ ʀ a
[phonetic language for the french word ”Odorat”: the sense of olfaction]

Both titles of the album having a different meaning while being pronounced exactly the same way: ”ɔdɔʀa”

- I. Eau d’aura [Psychégérie]
/ I. Water of aura [Psych-egery]

- II. Ode aux rats [La pesée des crotales]
/ II. Ode to the rats [Weighing of the rattlers]

mardi 18 août 2015


It sometimes feels like conceding some older firm values, positions and principles, in experiencing what once was estranged to yourself, may be the best way to make these truths verified once and for all... Just like taking a u-turn after one sight in the ugly mirror of complacency.

So, the decision is now done and definitive:



FUCK OFF to any image or entertaining interaction... Death to vanity and art-corrupting over-exposure!


Adrien WEBER [aka Lord GENOCIDE]

lundi 17 août 2015

" ɔ d ɔ ʀ a "

VOCIFERIAN [Concept Album]

Dans une société pseudo-aseptisée aux objectifs plus proches de l’asphyxie neuronale, la surenchère omniprésente des sollicitations et du « porno-consumérisme » que de tout but désintéressé et inspiration authentique. Où même les mots « partage » et « aimer » se sont vus galvaudés et pervertis, érigés au haut rang du quantifiable… Et pour peu souvent, à celui du véritable et de la qualité.

Cette cité virtuelle, pavée d’écrans réfléchissants criblés d’empreintes digitales baveuses et de sueur collante, aux prétendus service de nos identités perdues. Là où nous construisons de nous-mêmes et notre pleine volonté les murs de nos cellules où chacun s’ « auto-fiche » et alimente cette forteresse d’une anonyme globalité.

Cependant, ce règne omet particulièrement le sens pourtant révélateur de l’olfaction… Et même si l’avenir des productions de synthèse le corrompra certainement d’avantage lui aussi. Si indubitable et franc soit-il encore désormais…

L’odorat est comme le serpent entrelacé dans les lianes de l’esprit. Tantôt émerveillé du suintement d’un parfum sans pareil. Fut-il même celui de la transpiration musquée d’un être chéri. Ou bien la puanteur parfaite que dissimule une mauvaise fragrance et son épouvantable enivrement. Où la haine et l’écœurement trouveront toujours source et refuge. Par l’abondance actuelle des narcissismes exaltés, et leurs orgueilleuses consciences soumises au « statut » de « manipulé ».

Adrien WEBER [aka Lord GENOCIDE]

OPUS/Présentation : ɔ d ɔ ʀ a
- I. Eau d’aura [Psychégérie]
- II. Ode aux rats [La pesée des crotales]

mercredi 12 août 2015

Brand New Coming Album Mastering...

As we are about to finish the mixing and mastering of the brand new VOCIFERIAN Full Length Album...

I'd like to thank the sessions members that for the very first time helped me on this very special new coming effort.

Thanks to Vincent Trépanier , for the time and hard work on the drums sessions. As for covering so far all my ideas and expectations.

Also, I would like to thank here Mr. Dominic Rouleau, for his incredible work on the piano sessions. Always ready to help and who has been able to materialize some beautiful piano parts just from me humming him some melodies that just came to me through my dreams...

The end of the mixing and mastering should take place in a few days now...

So, I take advantage of this little disclaimer to let you all know that this coming opus will definitely not be for every ear and heart. And I truly assume this side of that very particular work. So please don't wait for your sooo codified "scene" confinement...

As "Unexpectable" as "Deviant" as "Out-of-the-box" as "Raw" as "Unpolished" as "Format free" as "Personal" & "Decadent" as I've been possible to involve myself into this piece... so far the most beautiful Vociferian dejection to be splattered over Vinyl Gatefold LP through Von Frost Records!

More infos about the conception of it and the official announcement of the digital release of the album... soon...



vendredi 7 août 2015

CONJÜRATÖR - Erosplattered - Deluxe 10” Vinyl Edition / LTD 250 UNITS!!

OUT this December 2015!!! on Von Frost Records

Included with the 36 RITUAL KILLER EDITION hand numbered:
- Gold vinyl w/ black splatter, deluxe gold foil stamped gatefold jacket
- 10” x 20” poster & CONJÜRATÖR logo button

64 KILLER EDITION hand numbered:
- Gold vinyl w/ black splatter, deluxe gold foil stamped gatefold jacket
- 10” x 10” poster insert & CONJÜRATÖR logo button
150 regular editions
- Classic black vinyl, deluxe gold foil stamped gatefold jacket.



mercredi 5 août 2015