jeudi 18 juin 2015

VOCI. FER. IAN : Etymology & Definition

Etymology: voci.fer.ian

- luci.fer.ian : the one who worships the bringer of light

- voci.fer.ian : the one who worship the bringer of the 'voice'

- Obey Profanatory Forces -

"O.P.F." is exalting a lot of profound senses through its viscerally willing message...

But the main purpose through those 3 words is actually a deep & naked call to freedom. Just saying, be who you are, feel what you feel, live your own way, shameless and regardless of any cultural, religious or even social micro/macrocosm direct or undirect restrictions or prejudices.

That's what OPF is breathing through it's untamed howl... As Vociferian is all about the wrath of inner soul and its resounding vociferations.

Sense & emanations of the entity behind the word "Vociferian"

The 'Vociferian' is the cultist who dwells everyone, anybody who proclaims the preach of the impending doom at the second coming of Parousia & the great Apocalypse...

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