vendredi 6 mars 2015

- Enslaved Skies From Divine Hatred -

Intense - DSBM - and Pure Coldness Investigation...

This song, actually constitutes the very first essence of the band, in its musical themes as well as lyrical ambitions. This track being the very beginning of it all, as it's been composed from 1998 to 1999 and it appears on the "genesis material" of the band entitled: "Preludium To Massacre" [Tape Edition 2000/2002 / CD on Autistiartilii Records in 2004]

Lyrics extract:

"Echoes from the past
Suddenly resound
As the bell of the leper
Rings brighter in the ablaze sky
Beneath rust lies the old wound
This corrosive stone marked by the invisible...

... Contaminated firmament
Pierced by a thousand stars
Watching at the eye of the dying horse
Struggling in his own bowels..."

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