jeudi 18 décembre 2014


AVAILABLE from Nyarlathotep Records [Brazil]

Featuring all the band's bestial Ep's
With an Exclusive Bonus Track

All artworks by Christophe Moyen 

The crushing full length will be distributed worldwide via distributors & webshops such Hells Headbangers, Nuclear War Now and so on...

To place order, get in touch here:

Digital version of the "ISCARIOT GOSPEL" Digipack Release listenable & available to download on Nyarlathotep Records Bandcamp >>here<<

19 tracks of complete chaos and impending annihilation!
Take a listen to a preview track on soundcloud >>here<<

Review extract: VOCIFERIAN

- Iscariot Gospel - 

"They are heavy and fast and violent; did I say they were fast? Well they are reminding me of a combination, excuse me, a fucking unholy combination of INCANTATION (Sans doom parts) and ARCHGOAT. Sometimes faster than both previously mentioned blasphemers! Aaah, I got you salivating now don't I ?"

By Tino Ignacio Muñoz [aka Evil Onit]  from Satanik Goat Ritual [Ex-Morbosidad]