vendredi 29 août 2014

G O A T H O L O C A U S T  is celebrating the 10 years anniversary recording of their first material "Satanik Kult Ov Inversion" that was released on the tape "Maître Bouc" out in 2004 on Voicea Succubus Rekz.

Here is a picture that was shot in this occasion. 

GH - 2004 / 2014
LeatherGoatSSkull / NunSSlutGoat

mercredi 27 août 2014

" P r i n c e s s  O f  V i o l a t i o n "

SPECIAL Girly-shirt ONLY Limited Edition!
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Paypal only! 15€ (Italy) / 17€ (Worldwide)

This goes for every female underground Black/Death bestialest priestesses worldwide! The perfect talisman of desecration for all blasphemic witches around this cursed planet.

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lundi 18 août 2014

EBAUCHE NOIRE "Pochoir De Cendre"

full length limited cassette

Available this September

We are very excited for the impending release of EBAUCHE NOIRE'S debut, “Pochoir De Cendre," More than 40 mins of abstract/post black metal. Ebauche Noire is the continuation of Alienante Damnation, the project of Adrien Weber/Lord Genocide (Vociferian).

The cassette will be limited to 100 copies, and all will come with a woven logo patch. 

samedi 16 août 2014

Exclusive MACABRA Baseball Tee-shirt

- A V A I L A B L E  N O W -
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 Licensed and released by Hell's Headbanger's
Records & Distribution.