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- A L I É N A N T E D A M N A T I O N - REVIEW - 8/10
"Le Chantre Du Charnier" CD/LP

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Aliénante Damnation
Album : Le Chantre du Charnier
Ars Funebris Records

Packing a no-holds-barred attitude and execution, Belgium’s ALIÉNANTE DAMNATION certainly don’t mince words. With an onslaught of raw, untamed Black Metal, sole member, R.O.P.S. (also in VOCIFERIAN and MACABRA) takes Satanism and nihilism to new heights on “Le Chantre du Charnier”, his debut album, and one which is designed to “tear your soul apart”!

Exploding like a burst of fire and brimstone, “Charogne Béatifée” assaults the senses in a punk-inspired blast of primitive Black, incorporating vocals akin to an otherworldly, beastly snarl. The reference to punk- determination also rears its ugly head on “Au Sacre de la Trinité de Viol” but soon becomes a straight forward visceral experience of stripped down tremolo riffage and blaring drums! Only on “Ordalie Satanique” do the proceedings slow, but only slightly. Most, if not all, the songs are pummeling and provide little in the way of respite. Suffocating and dense, the sound is unhinged playing upon the darkest recesses of the human psyche with no apologies.

“Vêpre du Gérasien Possédé” also showcases a slower pace that is altogether haunting and malevolent in tone and atmosphere, enhanced greatly by the poisonous vocals once again. Beginning on “Mes Paupières s'obturent telle la Lame Oxydée d'une Guillotine”, the melodic Swedish Black/Death symbiosis starts to emerge, with the track lasting slightly longer. Still crude and aurally abrasive, “Le Chantre de Charnier” feels like an almost different beast altogether with decipherable riffs one can latch onto, particularly on “Me Révulse cette imperceptible Aura Sterile (Aux Portes Béantes de L`ennui Radieux)”.

Marking this album’s length a total of 37mins., is genius as the philosophy behind the art may be to “get in and get out”, without wasting time. With the majority of the tracks sounding relatively “samey”, Aliénante Damnation`s record seems to be designed for a specific mood in the listener. Harrowing and caustic, “Le Chantre du Charnier” isn’t an easy listen but can be rewarding if heard with an open mind and a predisposition to seething, unorthodox Black Metal.

Standout Tracks: “Vêpre du Gérasien Possédé”, “Sylvestre Trône des Brumes”, “Me Révulse cette imperceptible Aura Stérile (Aux Portes Béantes de L`ennui Radieux)”.


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