dimanche 13 avril 2014

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dimanche 6 avril 2014

GOATHOLOCAUST - Satan Jugend - Review 8.5/10

- by Chrismetalreviews Wheeler -

Album: Satan Jugend
Infernus Rex Records

Now officially split up, the Belgian Black/Death troupe of GOATHOLOCAUST may have only released one full length in “Satan Jugend” but the results are audibly vicious! Honing their skills on a split with VOCIFERIAN in 2004, the dual of LeathergoatSSkull (vocals, all instruments) and NunSSlutgoat (vocals) may have bowed out way too early….

Raw, untamed and garage sounding low-fi Black Metal is what GOATHOLOCAUST primarily sound like but they do offer much more in terms of infectious riffs and a brutal delivery! “Millennium of Satanized Debauchery” doles out militaristic rhythms and rough pedigree and continues the pattern on “Totenziegekopf” as well. Both numbers dwell firmly within the fast fury of unpolished Black Metal, all the while having one foot in the Death Metal genre as well. Deep, guttural vocals positively look to Norway’s, AETERNUS for inspiration as the tempo runs the gambit between blitzkrieg and mid-paced rolling thunder. 

Lyrically, “Satan Jugend” boasts exactly what the name implies…a deep seeded praise for the Unholy One with a penchant for deviant sexual innuendo. “Deep Crossfucking on Sepulchral Decay” and “Cheap Whore Molestation” succeed in commanding corrosive riffs and Blackened Death stylings while “Butchered Christ” celebrates the Last Supper with all the delicacies of consuming flesh and spilling blood against the backdrop of simple riffs that leave an indelible impression.

Belgium’s GOATHOLOCAUST makes clear the intention of combining stylized melodies that are hummable yet brazenly raw and filthy! Nodding to both sides of the extreme underground, “Satan Jugend” is more than one would expect from a two-man band toting the “I’m so Evil that even my band name has ‘goat’ and ‘holocaust’ in it” label! For fans who like the underground “noise” of minimalist Black Metal but can appreciate the melodic croon of MORKER or HADES, then GOATHOLOCAUST’s sole record is for you!

Standout Tracks: “Pale and Impaled”, “Cheap Whore Molestation”, “Butchered Christ”