mardi 18 février 2014

I S C A R I O T  G O S P E L
-  V  O  C  I  F  E  R  I  A  N  -

Pro-Tape REVIEW - 8/10

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Album: Iscariot Gospel
VOCI Records

Since their inception in 1998, France’s VOCIFERIAN has released four albums of unrelenting Black Metal that would have any devotee salivating at their unholiness! After relocating to Belgium, fans can finally enjoy a compilation including a split with now fellow countrymen, GOATHOLOCAUST and all three mini-albums in one package!

Coming off the collaboration with the Belgians in “Maître Bouc”, VOCIFERIAN firmly display its penchant for unhinged, dirty sounding Black Metal with an uncompromising attitude. The “old school” sound/musical direction is clearly heard on “Mother Regression” which segues into more chaotic territory in “Piss Stained Shroud”. Unpolished and militant, the song exudes an evil propelled by the vocal styling of sole member, Lord Genocide, whose guttural growl contrasts the rasp of most modern-day Black Metal vocalists. A straight ahead assault is characteristic of most of the songs, save for “Pride of the Unholy Path”, a slow moving and sinister piece before moving into a familiar frenzy; foreshadowing material to come.

Enter 2005 and “Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum” sees Lord Genocide clearly on his game, releasing a better, crisper sounding ep with songs such as “May the Holocaust Appease Thy God” and “Angelskeletons Cathedrals” which draws similarities to Norways, AETERNUS, especially after a production overhaul. In addition, the album displays a more focused direction in song writing and sees some thinking “outside the box”, particularly on “Esse Dyoboli et Infecta et Inficiencia Annimas”, the final cut and clear highlight!

2009’s “On Angelbones Blood Altarized”, VOCIFERIAN pulls out all the stops and unleashes all out war in a blistering barrage of blasting chaos that straddles the line between Black and Death Metal. “Vicious Baptism in Exaltation of Bestiality” perfectly demonstrates this juxtaposition. Continuing the deepest of vocal snares, Lord Genocide pens songs of a much shorter length; getting in and getting out with little in the way of finesse or relief as heard on “Sadolocaust Ejaskullation Ritual”, a cut seething with deliberate mayhem! What is noticeable about this ep compared to earlier efforts are the guitar riffs which are well crafted and purposeful. If there is one sole criticism here, it’s the overall similarity of the songs themselves. Consisting of mainly blast beats and furious riffing, the ep comes and goes with no real highs or lows. The variation of “Universal Hate…” is utterly void here as VOCIFERIAN decimates without letting go of the gas, a characteristic heard again on last year’s “Horns of Armageddon” ep as well.

Ultimately, VOCIFERIAN’s legacy will be one of uncompromising Blackened Death Metal, rife with venom and bitterly unforgiving. Beginning with humble beginnings, Lord Genocide has steadily released some harrowing collections and as time has passed, fans are greeted with more and more precise song writing and concise execution! For fans wanting to explore the journey this man has made since the 2000 demo, “Preludium to Massacre”, this compilation is great listening; a fascinating listen and one that foresees much more to come!

Standout Tracks: “Devotional Crusade ov Exkommunication”, “Nuclearfrost Strike, Part II”, “Esse Dyoboli et Infecta et Inficiencia Annimas”, “Seraphinslaves Anal-Hellxecution”, “Panzerphomet” (bonus track to be included in a 4-way split later this year)


This new video comes to illustrate an extract
taken from the limited cassette "Iscariot Gospel"

vendredi 14 février 2014

Cry Of The Wolf Fanzine OUT NOW!

[Only Paper Zine Is REAL!]

OUT NOW from Germany!
Old school Paper Zine of HIGH QUALITY!
With interviews of Acheron, Asphyx... Vociferian!

CRY OF THE WOLF FANZINE is containing a full Lord Genocide's interview.

A magnificent original layout very far from usual fanzines designs, with beautiful engravings layered all along that thick underground document!


W. Wolf,
Postfach 21,
91567 Herrieden

lundi 3 février 2014

4 Way Split 7'EP / O.P.F. Sigil

We are proud to announce that a 4 way split 7'EP is scheduled to be released later this year on WARHEMIC PRODUCTIONS again. More details about participating bands and infos soon...

In the meantime VOCIFERIAN now owns an official "O.P.F." Sigil. And this one has been crafted by Toderico Art.