dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Cover Preview "Princess Of Violation"

[ R o b e r t o  T o d e r i c o  A r t ]
+ V o c i f e r i a N  O F F I C I A L

'F B'  P a g e|

Here you can take a look at the preview of what will be the cover illustration of the next VOCIFERIAN full length assault which is for the moment in process of composition!

Insane Art from Roberto Toderico (Italy):


Also in the meantime, so as to avoid any ambiguity with "fanpage" on FB. We've just created an official page for VOCIFERIAN that you can reach and submit to here:


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VOCIFERIAN - Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum_CMN_PDFPrint_CMN_EMAIL
Infernus Rex - 2005

Track Listing:
01. May the Holocaust Appease Thy God
02. Angelskeletons Cathedrals
03. Nuclearfrost Strike Part II
04. Esse Dyabboli et Infecta et Inficienia Animas
05. Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum

I received this little gem in the mail from Infernus Rex a few weeks back and my first reaction was "Great…another CD to review." A little later it was "Hey, this fucking rocks." A little later still and it was "Fuck, I really need to stop listening to this long enough to write the review".

Vociferian get that Blackened Death metal tag, but my guess is the vocal delivery. The music is pure unadulterated black metal hate with tempos ranging from hi-speed Panzer tank attacks to more mid-paced break downs. Solid guitar and bass work without being overly wankerish. It's just good, solid black metal. The drumming leans more toward a DM sound…lots of double bass and cymbals. What really sets Vociferian apart from a hundred other BM bands is the vocals. They remind me a lot of Ross Dolan from Immolation with that really deep but still discernable death growl. It works very well with the music.

The disc is only 5 tracks, but still manages to clock in at a little over 30 minutes long. "Esse Dyabboli et Infecta et Inficienia Animas" is probably my favorite on the disc, but "Angelskeletons Cathedrals" deserves some honorable mention. The closing track is a tripped out ambient/industrial mindfuck.

I wasn't able to dig up all that much info on Vociferian: it's a one man project, he's from France and it's uglier than your parents fucking. That's all you really need to know. I look forward to more.

Jeff Rating: 8.5

Infernus Rex - 2006

Track List:
01. Unholy Black Mist beneath the Full Moon Aura
02. Millenium of Satanized Debauchery
03. Pale and Impaled
04. Deep Crossfucking on Sepulchral Decay
05. Cheap Whore Mollestation
06. Totenziegekopf
07. Butchered Christ
08. Raven Dusk Embalming Mortification
09. Leper Angels Lair Abomination
10. Imperial Sumerian Demon Erection
11. The 666 Contemplators' Pit

Ok, buckle your bullet belt, grab a sixer and a bottle of Jack. This ain’t no intellectual black metal ride…this is the French black thrash Armageddon courtesy of LeathergoatSSkull (aka Lord Genocide of Vociferian) and NunSSlutgoat. And before your elitist "gimmick alert" goes off for female vocals, I didn’t even realize until I read the bio these were sung be someone with a vagina. That’s the extent of the ugliness going on here. Dual vokills from the male and the female terrorists.

A lot of you are probably not going to like this shit. It’s fucking fast and at times a little off-kilter, the lyrics are straight forward odes to he of the split hooves, but if you still like to drag out your Von demo or from time to time slam a shot and shove in The Oath of Black Blood, then this is your deal. I’m listening to the outro to "Pale And Impaled" as I write and fuck yea….this is why I loved Black Metal to begin with.

Some other tracks that nail my sack to the wall include: the above mentioned Pale And Impaled, Cheap Whore Mollestation, Butchered Christ with it’s old school, plodding "let’s go out in the woods and get fucked up" intro, and the majestic Leper Angels Lair Abomination.

Is Satan Jugend progressive BM leading us into the next millennium? Hell no. Are the Goats rewriting the book on Norse extremism? Again…hell no. Does if fucking put the neck snap in necro? Does it make you grab the volume and turn to the right? Fuck yes. If you’re looking for the "next big thing"….keep going. If you want a lethal dose of satanic black thrash…pick it up. Definitely not for everyone, but I’m digging it.

Jeff Rating: 8

dimanche 22 décembre 2013

V  o  c  i  f  e  r  i  a  N

- U L T I M A T E  L o g o -

Since the creation of the band, the effigy of VOCIFERIAN has taken many shapes through different logos. Now, we are proud to present the one that will become the ULTIMATE OFFICIAL banner of the combo. The one that will stand and represent the unholy honor of Lord GENOCIDE  forever!

Logo Execution by Christophe Szpajdel
Concept & Adaptation by Lord GENOCIDE

mercredi 4 décembre 2013

- I s c a r i o t  G o s p e l -
Cassettes | O u t  O f  S t o c k |

The VOCIFERIAN tape compilation + exclusive track: PANZERPHOMET are now out of stock. You can only find some very last copies in good distros and official distributors.
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Click >>here<<
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PANZERPHOMET track listenable >>there<<
You can also still read the review from Evil Onit [MORBOSIDAD] >>there<<