samedi 12 octobre 2013

V o c i f e r i a N
I s c a r i o t  G o s p e l

'Voices From The Darkside'

Iscariot Gospel
(Obey Profanatory Forces)
aprox. 60min

While many of you maniacs, readers of Voices From The Darkside, were avidly exhuming and consuming vinyl, I was a cassette freak! I bought 2 cassettes a week , my collection was close to 500 -600 cassettes at some point in the early 90s. All originals, some imported etc. So it is still a great pleasure for me to see bands release their stuff on, to me, noble cassette! For those to whom VOCIFERIAN is an unknown entity, they are a one man band straight outta France commanded by Lord Genocide (who has a bunch of other projects too!) and, I cheated here as I played it for an old friend and he is old (45 or something), we call him the old man, and he said of this 60 minutes release "Devastating!". And as the saying goes the devil knows more because he is old than because he is the devil, so yes I agree with the evil old man's assessment of VOCIFERIAN's carnivorous lunar activities! They are heavy and fast and violent; did I say they were fast? Well they are reminding me of a combination, excuse me, a fucking unholy combination of INCANTATION (Sans doom parts) and ARCHGOAT. Sometimes faster than both previously mentioned blasphemers! Aaah, I got you salivating now don't I? Iit's a combo of previous VOCIFERIAN releases on one cassette which from what I have heard has been very well received as well as distributed and don't be surprised if it's out of stock soon. If that happens, demand your copy regardless, if that INCANTATION / ARCHGOAT abomination which is this tape, floats yer boat. Also I heard that the song 'Panzerphomet' off of this tape is planned to be released on vinyl as a 4-way split MLP. This is for Black / Death Metal ears only, so if you are a pussy, don't entry! Contact: or go to

Luis M.L. Sallard [aka Evil Onit from MORBOSIDAD]

There you can listen to the EXCLUSIVE TRACK: PANZERPHOMET

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