mardi 11 juin 2013

New Official V  O  C  I  F  E  R  I  A  N

FREE HAND Logo By Master GENOCIDE Himself!

"Many years after the foundation of the band, I finally felt the need to draw something in the name of the beast that dwells me since quite a long time now. So I've decided to take a pencil and to give it a try myself, then conjured a FUCKING SICK & RAW To The BONE FREE HAND ROTTEN NEW VOCIFERIAN LOGO! Enjoy it in taking a look at how the demon is daily feeding on my soul. One more CURSED EMBLEM for the BAND."


V O C I F E R I A N : Logos v/s Entity

Since the creation of the band, VOCIFERIAN has owned a large variety of logos, each one being representing a period as well as a direction of the project. This was probably due to the fact that VOCIFERIAN remains before all an entity, something impenetrable and untouchable that wears many shapes and stays unique at the same time.

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