vendredi 31 mai 2013

Vociferian - Horns Of Armageddon -

- 1st EVER 7'EP -


WARHEMIC PRODUCTIONS has just confirmed that the new and 1st ever EP of VOCIFERIAN containing two exclusive new tracks of the band is sent to production.
Prepare for PURE, EXTREME PRIMARY and ROUGH BESTIALITY that will remind to VOCIFERIAN and any Lord Genocide's projects' FANS why they are into this band since a so long time!

Here is revealed a preview of the cover artwork of that coming Vinyl 7'EP! The full layout and artworks of it being the work of L.G. exclusively with the participation of Norman Trinidad for the Logo.

The EP should come with a Colored Vinyl Limited Version, which will be accompanied with very LIMITED & COLLECTOR Merchandising...

Next to these current events, the Fanzine - GARM Magazine [Germany] - took contact with the band to unleash an interview of Lord Genocide in their next issue that will come with a special DVD Box CD presenting some former materials of him through a restrospective compilation.

[L.G. Cover & Logo by Adrien WEBER]

Here above is a preview of what the cover artwork should be looking like (still by the hand of L.G.). The DVD Box CD has been entitled "A NECROSPECTIVE".

Beside all these actualities, VOCIFERIAN has just recorded a brand new title which is already planned to be published on the appropriated format. This exclusive track should be appearing on a special release that the band is for now working on...