jeudi 7 mars 2013


My RESPONSE to them...

"It seems that people sometimes just don't understand what my music, composition, sound, production, lyrics are dealing about. Being a so called "One Man Band" these days is not as easy as they seem to claim. From my side it's a real choice, I couldn't do anything with any other person with any human interaction it would involve. I'm not "misanthropic" for the fun, I really hate social interacting even with only one of that specimens who walk on two feet. So to all those who think I should work with other musicians, because my music is not enough clean, well produced or structured, I would just answer to leave this place. If you think my work stinks or sounds like shit... then that's what I am for you! I can't be other thing than what I am and I can't do other music than what I'm capable to work and express... so... JUST GET THE FUCK OFF!!!

In the end, IT'S REALLY FUNNY TO SEE THAT some PEOPLE criticize and DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I'm trying to DO, as I'm doing this without any fucking pretentiousness through my artistic expression, BECAUSE in the end I DON'T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE TOO!

Here I do not forget about REAL SUPPORTERS which have often become  FRIENDS and that from the START have followed my projects with PASSION and SINCERITY! The rest of the WORLD CAN DIE!!! HAILS TO YOU!!!"

Adrien WEBER [aka Lord Genocide]

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