mardi 26 février 2013

Aliénante Damnation - Le Chantre Du Charnier - Review - 79/100

There is no other definition to label Alienante Damnation accurately but for brutal discharge of Black Metal in pure old school style. This one-man band run by musician ROPS makes his debut with this "Le Chantre Du Charnier," a 14 tracks work of pure Raw Black Metal.

The author leaves no breath to listeners, showering them from the first note with absolutely bone-crushing riffs shot at 1000 mph, highlighted by the guitars sharp as blades and drum parts that-at the same time- flood us all with blast beats and violent bursts of double bass. The vocal parts shouting words of pure hatred against Christianity, passing through a filter that makes it sound as if it came from the belly of hell. The recording is coarse and rough, and adds tones of pure malice to the entire composition making the noise impact even more effective. So this author, tough not presenting anything new, still is able to shake the soul, reminding us the true meaning of the old school Black, who did not need any clear production and unnecessary technicalities but just that true attitude which is used to churn out a great album like this one presented to us by Alienante Damnation.

To sum up briefly, "Le Chantre Du Charnier" is a little gem for all those who love rough works without compromises and for all those who are looking for something which will make their ears bleed, a compact and aggressive work that will satisfy in full.

Review by: Trench Plague
Rating: 79/100

Taken & translated from the Italian Webzine - Nocturnal Poisoning - :

dimanche 3 février 2013

Aliénante Damnation

"Le Chantre Du Charnier" -LP Vinyl-

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- Aliénante Damnation -
"Le Chantre Du Charnier"
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on the 10th of April 2013

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