samedi 12 janvier 2013

On Angelbones Blood Altarized

As in anno domini 2005, 2009 was a great year for Vociferian. In fact Lord Genocide has just finished preparing for a brand new material. Recorded as a follower of the previous "Nekrocryptic Monolith Ov Regression" and "Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum", this piece is about BLACK/DEATH of the purest form with the own way of Vociferian for sure, and the whole artwork is done by Chris Moyen.

Then the new piece "On Angelbones Blood Altarized" was signed at the end of March 2009 to Archasm Releasing (USA) and will be out the same year in december (all cover illustrations by Chris Moyen). Firsts copies will come with a limited "Napalmgoat Gestapocalypse" poster (by Norman Trinidad).

Official T-Shirts & Hoodies were also released at the same time by "Goat Perversion / The Black Vomit Fanzine" (Germany)

Official Chris Moyen's Logo Embroidered Patches
were released later in 2010,
a proud collaboration between 

- Cover & Back of this now very hard to find CD - 

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