vendredi 11 janvier 2013


Vociferian is a one man band orchestred by multi-instrumentalist : Lord Genocide since winter 1998. Lord Genocide, also involved in many other musical projects like Goatholocaust (Black Thrashing Metal), Lüger (Black/Death Bestiality), Conjüratör (Speed Holocaust Metal)… lately with Aliénante Damnation in 2010 (Brutal Black Death Metal sung in French) & Macabra in 2011 (Real Death Metal with Mark Riddick). The band has been conjured in France, it is there the first riffs of Vociferian were born. The style of Vociferian is hard to describe, taking roots on the pioneers of the genre while producing a sound and musical content all very personal, very rich. Always sincere and totally dedicated to the black craft.

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