jeudi 24 janvier 2013

Portrait & Efforts

Adrien WEBER, a.k.a. :

- Lord Genocide [VOCIFERIAN]

Also known as :

- "Liquifier" [MACABRA]

- LeatherGoatSkull [GOATHOLOCAUST]
- WarlockOfTheSplitHooves [CONJÜRATÖR]
- Skincondom (SKM), Ultimatum [LÜGER]

 Born in the village of SOUDRON (France) 1982. Now residing in Hellgium since 2004. Veteran of the Underground Black/Death Metal scene since 1998-1999.

Started listening to Metal since he was 8 years old and heard his first Black Metal track around 11 or 12. Very firsts extreme bands he has been listening to were :

Immortal & Impaled Nazarene...

Marduk, Dark Funeral, Vinterland, Diabolical Masquerade, Emperor, Lord Belial, Satyricon, Ulver, Absu, Moonspell, Decayed, Rotting Christ, Sacramentum, Evol, Mephistopheles, Forest Of Souls, Seth, Godkiller... Vondur, Crown Of Thorns, Throne Of Ahaz, Enthroned, Ancient Rites, Nifelheim... Burzum, Darkthrone, Storm, Mayhem... Impiety, Bestial Warlust, Abhorer... Abigor, Behemoth, Ungod... and so on...


- Principal Projects Beside VOCIFERIAN -



[Total Black Thrashing Assault]

NunSlutGoat - LeatherGoatSkull

Very 1st GH Merch. - Warhemic Prod. (US) -

Official Merch. accompanying the
SATAN JUGEND Album Release
T-Shirts & Hoodies that are now mostly unfindable
- Infernus Rex (NL) -

Split "Maître Bouc" - Side : Satanik Kult Ov Inversion - Tape/2004 VSR (BE) - CD/2006 Regimental Recs (US)

- Satan Jugend - Full Length
Infernus Rex (NL)



["VONesque" Metal Of Death]
Skincondom /SKM/ Ultimatum

Split Tape LÜGER/ISTIDRAJ : Total War Epuratiö VSR (BE)

- Kill, Worship, Die - Full Length Tape/2004 VSR (BE) - CD/2005 Regimental Records (US)

- Lügersnacht Faktion Tyranei - Full Length - Foul Prod. (NL)



[Extreme, Disenchated, Funeral Doom]

1st Demo Tape : - Akelarre - VSR (BE)

CD compiling the band's very hard to find 2 Demos :
- Akelarre + Regressor - Obskure/Sombre Records (QC)



[Speed Holocaust Metal]
Warlock Of The Split Hooves

- Erosplattered - Mini Album -
Morbid Moon Records (QC)

Official CONJÜRATÖR "Speed Holocaust Metal" T-Shirts
Morbid Moon Records (QC)



[Lyrical French Written Brutal Blasphemy]


- Le Chantre Du Charnier - Full Length -
CD/Ars Funebris Records (FR) February 2012
LP/Apocalyptic Empire Records (NO) April 2013

Limited 1st A.D. T-Shirts Edition - VSR (BE)

Warhemic Prod. (US)

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[Death Metal Total Dedication]

Adrien "Liquifier" Weber
Mark Riddick

Selfproduced 1st Demo Tape :
- Thy Entrails Rot -
- Blood-Nurtured Nature - Full Length - (US)
(February 2012)

- In Quarantine With Death -
HPGD/Morbid Visions (US)

Cover art : Mark Riddick
& Vince Locke [Cannibal Corpse covers illustrator]
- release details -

2nd Demo Tape :
- Heavier Than Your Own Coffin -
Morbid Visions (US)

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samedi 12 janvier 2013

Aliénante Damnation

Since 2010, Vociferian was plunged in an undifined hiatus...

During this period Adrien Weber [aka Lord Genocide] decided to concretize a new band. The project at its start (as the idea of it was born in 2005) was initially determined as a dark ambient/obscure noise ritual concept under the name of : ALIENANTE DAMNATION.

Time went by and in the frost of November 2010.  A.D. was born in the shape of a pure blasphemous Brutal Black/Death taking its forces into the bestiality of US/Asian & Australian Demons as well as in the coldest source of original Black Metal Swedish vibes.
Sadomator, Conqueror, Angel Corpse, old Impiety... meets old Impaled Nazarene, Marduk, old Dark Funeral, Setherial...

The particularity of the band is that as Morbosidad for example, ALIENANTE DAMNATION is sung in the native language of Adrien. This means all written in french. With the lyrical grimness this living tongue implies.

A.D. Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

The first album of A.D. : "LE CHANTRE DU CHARNIER" was released in CD format on the 10th of February 2012 on the French Extreme Underground Label : Ars Funebris Records.

The full cover artwork & all layout illustrations have been conjured by Mark Riddick. In the occasion of this issue, the French Metal Magazine METALLIAN published a track of the opus as well as an interview & review for the promotion of the CD in the November & December 2011 n°. 

"Le Chantre Du Charnier" is about to be out in Vinyl LP Edition through Apocalyptic Empire Records (Norway). The LP is scheduled for February 2013 (a year after the CD Edition) with a full alternate artwork from the CD version by Mark Riddick again.

 Adrien Weber

On Angelbones Blood Altarized

As in anno domini 2005, 2009 was a great year for Vociferian. In fact Lord Genocide has just finished preparing for a brand new material. Recorded as a follower of the previous "Nekrocryptic Monolith Ov Regression" and "Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum", this piece is about BLACK/DEATH of the purest form with the own way of Vociferian for sure, and the whole artwork is done by Chris Moyen.

Then the new piece "On Angelbones Blood Altarized" was signed at the end of March 2009 to Archasm Releasing (USA) and will be out the same year in december (all cover illustrations by Chris Moyen). Firsts copies will come with a limited "Napalmgoat Gestapocalypse" poster (by Norman Trinidad).

Official T-Shirts & Hoodies were also released at the same time by "Goat Perversion / The Black Vomit Fanzine" (Germany)

Official Chris Moyen's Logo Embroidered Patches
were released later in 2010,
a proud collaboration between 

- Cover & Back of this now very hard to find CD -