mardi 12 février 2019

When being deep and involved into something that a lot would have never knew about or stood for. And then decades after it has only become a huge trend that everyone loves to borrow only to expose themselves and flatter their pathetic ego. Using this sort of ridiculous panoply to "look like" and take advantage of those who really opened a path as poor imitators and greedy profiteers.

So sorry for running away from what once had a real meaning and made intense sense because of sincerely rooted convictions. While it just has become a huge circus, a label on the package to sell better...

If the mother of all vices resides in idleness, it for shure neighbors with vanity here on the social networks.

Many today are strangling themselves with the coming release of "Lords Of Chaos" movie, but they still don't realize all of this just died yet with the digital era, MySpace, then FB, Tweeter, Insta, Youtube... in this worldwide global shame here to make of any soul filled art approach or authentic speech being only a new chance to get the "consumeristerrorcracy" reign over us again, killing all relevance and any possible spirituality...

Sounds like "conspiracy theory"?
... well I 100% assume this.

And even this publication surely not differs from the rest sadly, as we are only trying to make it all survive here, just as the slaves to the modern world we are...
Et ce type de "plaidoyer" qu'on balance ici en se posant même les questions : "mais pourquoi faire ça? Est-ce que ça sert vraiment à quelque chose? Pour juste se faire polluer ta journée parce qu'un 'troll' ou l'autre va s'en mêler et se jeter dans la brêche... etc."

Tu sais instantanément qu'il ne suscitera pas du tout la même attention, ni l'intérêt qu'il pourrait mériter, par rapport à un autre "post" incluant vulgairement ton faciès, disons le platement... ne serait-ce que pour satisfaire ces "micro-skynets" d'algorithmes. Bref, le sacrifice d'un jeu absurde et avilissant pour "gagner" en matière d'expression "libre". On achète le droit de se faire entendre par des "selfies", la voilà LA vérité CRUE!

Il faut faire avec, il n'y a pas vraiment d'autre choix... que d'y trouver ses armes. On n'y changera rien et c'est bien le problème.

Adrien W.

dimanche 10 février 2019

Read my real name down on the knuckles
I C O N - E D G E the anagram of G E N O C I D E

vendredi 8 février 2019

VOCIFERIANChaos Eagle Emblem
Interpretation Painting by none other than ROK [Sadistik Exekution]

This masterpiece will come for cover artwork of the "ISCARIOT GOSPEL" preparing outstanding Vinyl Edition coming on starting iron belgian label : WARMACHINE PRODUCTIONS.

jeudi 7 février 2019

VOCIFERIAN "Glorificia Bestialis" MC / Edition
Von F**king Frost Records [Canada]
CONJÜRATÖR • Erosplattered / On Pro-Tape soon...

4 years after the first ever vinyl issue on VON FROST RECORDS with the long sold out magnificent 10" gatefold MLP issue, THE canadian label specialized in analog cassette format comes back with this fiercely formidable material, with a straight in your face old fashioned new visual/design.

Thanks to the "Lord Of Logos" Christophe Szpajdel for recovering this lost version of the band logo. It needed such providential supply to make of this cassette edition the head-splitting infernal mantra that these pummeling tracks are all dealing about.

mercredi 30 janvier 2019

lundi 14 janvier 2019

:::: >> BEWARE << :::
There are a few VOCIFERIAN "Unofficial Pages" overthere on social networks (some older and some more recent ones), which is the reason why we created the OFFICIAL page a few years ago now. So here is well the current URL of it on Facebook :

Only wanted to get this precision because I was warned a few months ago that an Instagram account was actually using the name "VOCIFERIAN" for username, and just realized that there is a page here on Facebook using "VOCIFERIAN" for username too and that both are linked together.

Not a big deal for this FB page and Instagram account mostly consist in publishing pretty nice photos of great Black Metal bands & references (a lot coming from bands early days by the way).

But only wanted to make it clear here, that these pages have nothing "official" regarding VOCIFERIAN and all my groups genuine activities. There is NO link to be established between this Instagram account, this FB page using the username of : "VOCIFERIAN" and the whole OPF true filiation. THIS to avoid any confusion!

In a few more words, I don't blame those having taken the name of my band for their account and page as usernames, as they seem dedicated to the old Black Metal spirit propaganda. Therefore I wouldn't make opposition to such initiative of course. But want to well precise here again that I'm not at all involved behind them, and never gave or even been courteously asked for any authorization regarding this by any person(s) who ever initiated these account and page.


Thanks for your time and attention.