vendredi 13 juillet 2018

GOATHOLOCAUST Satanik Kult Ov Inversion
Vinyl LP Reissue [Von Frost Records]
The earliest recording of the band that we used to shared with my wife as "NunSSlutGoat" on vocals. FINALLY on an as magnificent as BESTIAL 'NECRO IS THE LAW' Edition on V F F**KING R  :
NO useless embellishments or trinkets/goodies going with it! ONLY THE ROUGH DIRTY SOUL OF ITS INCANTATORY RITUALIZED ABOMINATION turned on the lowest of its sickening filthy cult experience!!


mercredi 6 juin 2018

Vociferian Triumphant Usurper Beast
LP reissue limited editions :

Ordo Voicea Succubus ultra limited version comes with a Vociferian Ciel Enfer Mort Jugement LP tote bag, OPF/Chi-Rho patch, Egregore badge. Toxic orange/nuclear green black splattered colour vinyl, silver foil stamp sticker, 20 years anniversary retrospective poster and insert.

Ritual Killer Edition : Toxic orange/nuclear green black splattered colour vinyl, silver foil stamp sticker, 20 years anniversary retrospective poster and insert.

lundi 4 juin 2018

"Egregore" / Badge
[Design based on a real crow take off we shot ourselves]
OrdoVoicea Succubus - Productions

mercredi 30 mai 2018

Official VociferianPosters
" T h e  B a r n  O w l ' s  F l i g h t "
[ Limited to 50 handnumbered units ]

jeudi 24 mai 2018

OUT on the 13th of July!

VOCIFERIAN • Obey Profanatory Forces / CD Digipack
[1998 - 2018] "The Lord Genocide Farewell Ultimate Collection"

Limited to 100 copies / Handnumbered with the noble BLOOD of a long time faithful FAN [by his own will]

A 18 tracks compilation, gathering most of the "OPF hydra" entities : Conjüratör, Vociferian, Lüger, Goatholocaust, Crux Dissimulata, Aliénante Damnation, Ebauche Noire

All songs careful selection, production & publishing by a veteran OPF • Circle member based in Hungary. And in conspiracy with the original Voicea Succubus Records coordination

mercredi 23 mai 2018

VOCIFERIAN - The Barn Owl's Flight -
Official Limited Handnumbered Posters
"Les pelotes de réjection et leurs mystères ont accompagné mon enfance par leurs attraits intrigants, ces trésors d'os miniatures tapis dans le miasme d'une fourrure défunte, compacte et ébouriffée...

Cette boule d'un tissu mortuaire tombée sur un sol d'automne, nous dévoilant ce puzzle d'un squelette et l'énigme de l'animal qu'il fut..."

[A2 Format : 59 cm x 42 cm, 50 units of each Design]
This New OVS Production going for print in a few days...

samedi 19 mai 2018

GOATHOLOCAUST " Satanik Kult Ov Inverion "
NOW at Von Frost Records headquarter [Canada]
We're both very proud my wife and I [aka NunSSlutGoat - LeatherGoatSSkull], for this very first recording of the band to finally come on the most majestuous support with the deserved sincerity and malignant old fashioned persistence!
These tracks materialized on solid black vinyl without any poor nowadays "sell out" trinkets adding attitude! Supporting the evil essence and obscure side of music, no toys going with it!
Remembering that these titles were once lost on a 10 track recorder which was stricken by the thunder through a summer storm in the early 2000's. And that with the help of my wife, we found a way to get this old recorder working again searching for the right electronic stuff to rescue the music recorded on it. This included the "Satanik Kult Ov Inversion" by GOATHOLOCAUST, but also the "Kill Worship Die" Lüger instrumental master!! None but 2 renowned materials in the underground sphere nowadays... thought this single anecdote worthed telling it
Also I need to make one more precision here. There is a little mistake in the credits section, as we firstly thought about Christophe Moyen to work the cover artwork of this beautiful reissue. But as he was very busy at this moment, we had to opt for an amazing bestial art that I wanted to rework to make it overall LP jacket insanely looking! Therefore the cover illustration is well by Jenglot Hitam (not by Chris Moyen)